Is it exclusive for people in Long Distance Relationship?
Initially we thought it exclusively for people in LDR, but later we realised that long distance relationships are not just given in couples. Nowadays friends and families are also having long distance relationship, so all of them are welcome to our lottery!


How does it work?
All the people interested must create an user in www.ldrlottery.com There will be two kinds of users: single users and couples. Single users can be someone who knows a LDR couple and want to surprise them with the prize. Couples can also take part as single user and duplicate chances with two numbers!

After signing up every user will fill a form telling us their story (or your friend´s story in case you wanna surprise them).

Every single user will pay 1 USD per one monthly number. Every couple user will pay 2 USD per two numbers. Payments will be done in Paypal.

Just 1 USD?
Yes! One lottery number will cost just 1 USD but if you think you can help with more, we are open to receiving more of course. In any case you will receive 1 ticket.

Maximum chances per month?
The maximum number of tickets every couple will have per month is four: two single numbers and one couple number (two numbers).

When and where will take part the contest?
It will be online with a random system, every dirst week of every month.

 What will be the prize?
It is variable, as it depends on how many people will take part in the contest every month. It will always be the 90% of all the money collected between all of the users. So the more people registered, the more people, the higher the prize.

What will happen with the 10%?
We will use it for enhancing our web, growing the community, advertising it and paying the salaries of the people who will be working on it. Our aim is growing so every month we can make several contests.

Are there limits in the prize?
Initially not but in future we will set an amount so we will be able to do several monthly contests.

Is there a minimun?
Yes, 1.000 USD, this means that every month we will need at least 1.111 users registered in the lottery.

How will I know this is not a scam?
We will be always giving information about the winners: names, stories and pics.