Why being in a LDR is not the same as having a platonic love?

I am surprised with the lack of education that exists about the long distance relationships, we are in the XXI Century, people should not look at us as ufo when we tell them we are in a LDR, but surprisingly, it happens.

It took me time to realize why people is still surprised, but I reached to a conclusion I wanna share with all of you!

People tend to confuse a Long Distance Relationship with a Virtual Relationship, they tend to think being in a LDR is a sign of immaturity, that it is because we don’t wanna be involved with real people and have real relationships and so on.

But hello!! I am a real person and my loved one is a real person also, we are not robots or toys, being in love with someone who is far doesn’t mean we are in love with someone that does not exist.


Great example is when someone is pregnant, all the family is loving the baby, despite they can’t see him/her they can feel him/her and love it even before they see or touch them, is not an imaginary baby, it is a real baby.

Well, waiting for seeing and touching the baby takes 9 months, sometimes seeing and touching your loved one can take more (or less) than this time and it is always real, never product of your imagination.

Sometimes the parents are the first in worrying and thinking that being in a LDR means having an imaginary relationship, a platonic love, so far from the truth! We are not kids talking with an imaginary friend, we are young adults that feel in love with real people, we are developing strong feelings and more deep and real than some others relationships.

This is not virtual love, not platonic because the distance is just a moment, a test in the relationship, it won’t last forever and at the end, no matter how time it will take, the distance will be closed and the couple will be together and more stronger than never!



How to beat the time difference

This article is ideal for those who have time difference with his/her loved one, if you don’t have time difference, you are soooo lucky, some of us envy you hehehe 😛

I can guess you read the title of the post and thought “there is no solution for it”, well of course there is not a magical solution such as buying a time machine that allow us to live at the same time, how weird but here I will tell you some advices based on my personal experience… My loved one and me have a difference of 6 hours, we have been dealing with this time difference for more than 4 years.

Being in a LDR changes the life of every person, it is an integral experience in some cases (as its mine) it came with multicultural exchange, risks, efforts. I know some of you have less time difference, yey! Some of you some more, auch, in every cases I would love hearing your experiences.

time difference

Well here I am telling you how I deal with it, when my bf and I started our relationship I was still at University, so I was almost all the time busy, it was really really difficult having a time for us. But we always knew this situation was going to revert soon, so after I got my degree I started to have more spare time, so we started to set our daily time, sometimes we were having Skype, messaging or sharing something, our “holy time” or “happy hour”.


We agreed in the needing of having a time where everything was just about us, the world was stopping just for giving space to our “holy time”. For me it was in afternoon, for him it was at midnight. We decided to have this space everyday, sometimes Skype was impossible, so we were messaging or doing some kind of activity. Sometimes we were setting alarms, at the beginning it was a little difficult to have the behavior of our happy hour but once we got used to it was like food, something we were needing everyday.

The health of our relationship improved, we were more happy and motivated. Every LDR couple should have their holy time no matter how many hs of difference they have.

Just remember, if there is love, there are no excuses, one day has 24 hours for everybody its up to every person how they take advantage of it.


When a Short Distance Relationship Becomes a Long Distance Relationship

Hi, my name is Maria and I will tell a very simple story, but everything simple has its tricky part. There it goes…
The person I love the most in this world and the one who has taken me to travel all this way and which will accompany me to the end of this one is called Arnau.
Arnau and I are currently 17 years old. Until July of last year we were together, living in the same city (Barcelona) and seeing each day, in school from the age of 8 or so. We were not friends or knew the other (so to speak) until 14.

It was in the last year of school (where we had 15) when we approached. In the end-of-course trip that is made in the schools was where the flame was lit. On that same trip, one of the nights, we started to talk. That night I said to myself: “Someday, I do not know when, we’ll be together.” And I was not wrong hehehe 😛
We did not know that we were happy with each other until the end of last summer, when a friend we had in common unveiled my secret. And in the end it turned out that he had the same. We wanted to be together.
But the problem came when 20 days later, he was taking a plane to his new home in Canada, without knowing for how long.
Arnau had always dreamed of going to Canada to study, but when he was denied a scholarship, his whole family thought that the best idea was for them to leave there.
At that moment my thinking was: How will I be with a person who lives 6,000km and I do not know when I will see him again?
But he change all my thoughts, my way of seeing this great challenge, he taught me that if there is love, you can, that you have to fight, that, after all, this makes us stronger and that as long as we have the one another, everything was going to be okay.
I was in love with that boy, I had to fight.
And so there began the hard part, not knowing when we would see again, the bad connection of Skype, the few hours to talk, money to send packages, tears at night, birthdays, … Christmas. ..
It was very hard, especially when it was the first serious relationship for both of us. We were children!
But soon we matured, we realized that we were so strong that the distance was not going to be able to break us.
The good news came when I was able to buy my first (of many) ticket to Canada. I think I’ve never bought anything with such a delusion.
For Easter he crossed the Atlantic alone and for the first time.
It was the 20 happiest days of my life so far.
And then, after much waiting, our summer arrived in Spain. He was back.
This summer has been the best so far. 50 days have passed like 2, but it has been awesome.
(photo 5,6,7)
Our future plans? If things go well with Arnau, we can be together Christmas, and if I can save enough money to fly from Spain to Canada, for Easter we will see each other again.
Our vision for the future is to be together, there is no other possibility. We are very clear about what we want and what we fight for. For us. To overcome the distance. To prove to all those who did not bet. For teaching that it is possible. For a life together. And above all, above all, to love us more than ever.
And before saying goodbye to this amazing page, do you guys thing it would be good if we create an instagram page, a blog, or a YouTube channel about our LDR?
I have been thinking about it for a long time but I do not decide and I would like you to give me your opinion.
I hope you have enjoyed our history and good luck to all those who are in an LDR!
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Follow Your Heart!

Hi everybody, today, 6 september 2017 it is a special day for me and my BF, today it is 3 years since I met my love for first time, for that reason I wanted to do something to surprise him, so I decided to write this post to remind him how was our first meeting and for letting others LDR Community members read how we met.

I’m from Uruguay and he’s from Turkey, more than 7.000 miles separate us. 13 months after our first chat, we decided to meet in Italy. For me flight was extremely long and expensive, we saved money and it took us 13 months to our first meeting. We knew this instance was so important, so we plannified it carefully, we decided to meet in Italy, a country where both were going to be foreigners. It was not my first flight, so despite the lenght of the travel I was calm, on the contrary, it was his first flight so he was very nervous.

We had a plan A and plan B, his flight was going to arrive first than mine and he was going to wait me on arrivals. So when my plane landed I ran to arrivals, but he was not there, I felt completely lost and as I was in foreign country I had no Internet in my phone, so I didn’t know what to do, I start feeling impatient and nervous…

I tried to keep calm and my heart spoke and decided I had to go back (to lugagges place) I felt like I had to go there, not enter to Italy. So I followed my instinct. I started to talk with people, I wanted Internet for my phone, when I obtained it, I realized probably he was without Internet, I was right.


Despite all the adverse things going on I was feeling calm, It was like I was feeling for first time after 13 months my love was in the same place as me. I was right… 

Suddenly, while I was walking with no direction I found him, he was searching his lugagge, his flight delayed and he had no way of telling me. Fortunately my heart spoke to me and I listen!!

Today, three years after this moment, our first time together I wanna tell my love I would do everything again, because he is my love and I don’t regret of anything!!

And for the LDR Community I wanna tell they should take risks and sometimes the best is following their hearts, yes it is possible!!

And if you will meet your partner in a foreign Airport, be sure both will have Internet connection, LOL!


Yasmeen & Regina

Today we gave this space to Yasmeen to tell us her beautiful LDR Story!

Hi guys! My name is Yasmeen and I am from Guyana. I met Regina (from Germany) on November 11th, 2015 on tumblr. To be honest, I have no idea what I was doing up at that time haha but I was, and she had this post up in this lesbian group and I guess fate did it’s job. I was randomly scrolling and then I saw her picture. I swear it was like my heart stopped and like this voice in my head just screamed “MINE MINE MINE” and I frantically tried to see where to go to contact her ( I haven’t the slightest clue of how to operate tumblr btw) and somehowww I got and we started talking everyday since then. We actually just fell in love, we started saying “I love yous ” and everything …before even making our relationship official.

LDR meeting in Germany

Not until February, I realised…nobody asked anybody to be together so then I asked her AND SHE SAID NO, how sad haha we decided to wait until we met (we both had dreams of going to America to study) turns out it didn’t work out for either of us. But eventually, the love won 😍 and she asked me to be her girlfriend and I said YES!😍😍

Since we really can’t remember when that was, we said we would have two anniversaries- when we first started talking – 11.11.2015 and Feb 3rd, 2017

She came to Guyana to see me 😊 on our anniversary ( Feb 3rd) it was the besssssst time ever Soooo I want to go see her in December for Christmas or if not before, very soon after Christmas and stay until February because that is when my uni reopends.

Unfortunately, flight costs are expensive, so nowadays I am collecting money for visiting her. If you wanna help me, contact me through this blog, thank you!


Ashley & Adam: when a short distance means so much farer…

Today we will tell Ashley & Adam LDR story. As we always write, we enjoy a lot reading every story we receive because each one is unique. This is an example that distance is not just about miles, distance is also about personal circunstances.

Ashley lives in a small town in the north west of England called St Helens and Adam, her boyfriend is from Coventry, in the West Midlands of England. They met online and have been together for 1 year and 3 months. As Ashley told us “we only live 90 miles away but due to the price of train fares and low income we don’t see each other that much. I believe that we cherish our moments together because they are few and far between.”

Here we are sharing a pic she sent us and we wish them the best!



LDR Playlist

When you and your loved one speaks different languages everything gets difficult. I bet lots of LDR couples are in this situation. This is the case of my boyfriend and I, he speaks turkish and I speak spanish. Our common language is english so we do what we can for understanding… Sometimes he recommends me songs in his mother tongue but I don’t understand and get frustrated, the same happens to him, I recommend him spanish songs but he doesn’t understand. Someday we will…

Meanwhile, we focus in our common language: English! So a time ago I started to search LDR songs in english in order to listen the same songs, but I found some trouble in finding, so I want everybody to help me to create this playlist, because LDR community deserves it.

-even if there is an ocean keeping your heart from mine that doesn't mean i'm not thinking about you all the time.-.png

Right now I am sharing the LDR Playlist I created, I will be waiting suggestions in order to add more songs!

Thanks everybody!