Yasmeen & Regina

Today we gave this space to Yasmeen to tell us her beautiful LDR Story!

Hi guys! My name is Yasmeen and I am from Guyana. I met Regina (from Germany) on November 11th, 2015 on tumblr. To be honest, I have no idea what I was doing up at that time haha but I was, and she had this post up in this lesbian group and I guess fate did it’s job. I was randomly scrolling and then I saw her picture. I swear it was like my heart stopped and like this voice in my head just screamed “MINE MINE MINE” and I frantically tried to see where to go to contact her ( I haven’t the slightest clue of how to operate tumblr btw) and somehowww I got and we started talking everyday since then. We actually just fell in love, we started saying “I love yous ” and everything …before even making our relationship official.

LDR meeting in Germany

Not until February, I realised…nobody asked anybody to be together so then I asked her AND SHE SAID NO, how sad haha we decided to wait until we met (we both had dreams of going to America to study) turns out it didn’t work out for either of us. But eventually, the love won 😍 and she asked me to be her girlfriend and I said YES!😍😍

Since we really can’t remember when that was, we said we would have two anniversaries- when we first started talking – 11.11.2015 and Feb 3rd, 2017

She came to Guyana to see me 😊 on our anniversary ( Feb 3rd) it was the besssssst time ever Soooo I want to go see her in December for Christmas or if not before, very soon after Christmas and stay until February because that is when my uni reopends.

Unfortunately, flight costs are expensive, so nowadays I am collecting money for visiting her. If you wanna help me, contact me through this blog, thank you!


Ashley & Adam: when a short distance means so much farer…

Today we will tell Ashley & Adam LDR story. As we always write, we enjoy a lot reading every story we receive because each one is unique. This is an example that distance is not just about miles, distance is also about personal circunstances.

Ashley lives in a small town in the north west of England called St Helens and Adam, her boyfriend is from Coventry, in the West Midlands of England. They met online and have been together for 1 year and 3 months. As Ashley told us “we only live 90 miles away but due to the price of train fares and low income we don’t see each other that much. I believe that we cherish our moments together because they are few and far between.”

Here we are sharing a pic she sent us and we wish them the best!



LDR Playlist

When you and your loved one speaks different languages everything gets difficult. I bet lots of LDR couples are in this situation. This is the case of my boyfriend and I, he speaks turkish and I speak spanish. Our common language is english so we do what we can for understanding… Sometimes he recommends me songs in his mother tongue but I don’t understand and get frustrated, the same happens to him, I recommend him spanish songs but he doesn’t understand. Someday we will…

Meanwhile, we focus in our common language: English! So a time ago I started to search LDR songs in english in order to listen the same songs, but I found some trouble in finding, so I want everybody to help me to create this playlist, because LDR community deserves it.

-even if there is an ocean keeping your heart from mine that doesn't mean i'm not thinking about you all the time.-.png

Right now I am sharing the LDR Playlist I created, I will be waiting suggestions in order to add more songs!

Thanks everybody!




Aubrey & Max

After a while we came back with LDR stories! We love reading and writing LDR stories, we wanna inspire people and tell everybody YES it is possible! In this occasion we will tell Aubrey & Max love story.

It all began in last summer. One day (July 20), Aubrey (21 years old, Canada) was listening to music on her laptop while she was scrolling through Instagram on her phone. At one point, her laptop showed a pop-up screen saying that there was an error and the next thing she knew, she couldn’t hear her song. There was just no sound, no matter what song she clicked on. So she restarted her laptop twice while posting about her laptop crisis on Instagram.

She never imagined in that exact moment she was going to meet her soulmate. Love is like this, it surprise us when we aren’t waiting.

Aubrey Max

A minute later, she got a notification that said: “Max commented: ‘Maybe I can help?’ She thought, ‘oh cool, one of my new followers wanna help me’. And after 5 minutes of browsing through her laptop to see what might have gone wrong, it turned out that she only had to restart her laptop again.

Then shortly after, she realised that Max (20 years old, Netherlands) sent her a direct message on Instagram. That was their first conversation, and from that day on, they talk everyday. One week later the first chat, they were together and started dating.

Fast forward to today, it’s been almost 9 months of the relationship between Aubrey and Max. In words of Aubrey: “our connection and bond with each other is so strong, we plan to meet this summer! We’ve been communicating through Snapchat video calls and messages. I can’t wait to see him! ❤️

They will meet in three months: July 2017, so we wish them the best and and of course we will be waiting an update of this beautiful LDR Story!!

If you wanna send your story, you can do it contacting us in our social media (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) or you can mail us to: 


Easter in your LDR

Several parts of the world today cellebrate Easter and it is not just a day for eating chocolate. Far from this, Easter is a day in which Christian people cellebrate the resurrection of Jesus. If you are Christian you will probably understand what I am talking about but if no I can tell you this day is important for thinking in our lives, being grateful, possitive and think life is one so if we are doing something wrong, we have the opportunity of arranging, never it is too late for starting something new, forgiving someone.

Sometimes is necessary changing the point of view, so talking about your LDR I wanna invite you to think deeply about what do you think you did wrong? What would you do different? And what do you think is working in your LDR?  This is an interesting exercise for doing with your loved one, talk with him/her about this, discuss this questions and more and let me know what was the result!


I can tell you when I did this exercise with my bf the result was powerful. We concluded that we were wasting time with unnecesary things sometimes stupid things and we realized we needed more quality time and we were near of being in routine, so we changed our mindset and started to surprise each other more and have more quality time.

Today is an ideal day for starting to be productive and possitive in your LDR so keep what it works, remove what isn’t worth it. Life is one yes but we are always in time for changing what is being harmful and keeping what it makes us brighter.

Happy Easter!

10 reasons for being proud of your LDR

I saw several posts about LDR, I talked with several people about the importance of being in a LDR and I’m convinced it is something we are blessed with, something we need to see as a strength not as a weakness. It took me around 2 years understanding this, I had moments where I felt it as something for being ashamed. Now that I understood it’s a blessing I wanna share with all people in LDR why they should feel proud of it…

10 reasons for being proud of your LDR.png

  1. We are in a society of fast things, seems everything should be like this such as fast food, fast learning, fast relationships, people tend to want less commitment, we see this in every aspect not just in relationships, we see how people prefers buying food rather than cooking and so on but if you are in a ldr you understand perfectly what is waiting and building slowly and day by day a relationship.
  2. For the things told above you and your partner are extremely committed with each other and with closing the distance.
  3. Contrary to what the environment can think, a huge control of emotions and maturity is required for having and surviving in a ldr. 
  4. Clear objectives, lot of ppl of your same age have no idea about what to do…
  5. Ability to value every little thing, not just of your couple, also from your environment.
  6. In case you didn’t consider creative before being in a ldr you will learn to be creative, maybe if you were in a sdr u dont care special dates monthsary, gifts…
  7. You understand actions value more than words, it isn’t about telling it is about demonstrating every day.
  8. Being so far physically from your loved one will make your spirituality grow and falling in love with a soul is much better than falling in love with a body. For that reason the relationship will have a very strong basis.
  9. You learn to save money for a specific proposit, meeting your loved one! This behaviour will last forever, maybe before being in a ldr you didn`t care saving money but now you will care it a lot.
  10. You are more than lucky, more than 7.000 million people in this world and you found your loved one.



I hope you liked this article, I would love to hear from you and your opinion about what is the best of being in a LDR, let’s be possitive! 


One of the Missions of People in LDR

Have you ever asked why do you have a LDR? Why your loved one lives so far away from you? Why you can only see your loved one just a couple of times per year?

Maybe is not so common asking yourself this kind of things. But I do, and sometimes I feel weird for that. I find myself thinking about the fact of being in a LDR and why me and no my friends for example.

After carefully analysing I found an answer…

Weeks ago I read online an article about finding the correct person, your soul mate, it was telling in some place of the world exist someone ideal for us, someone that has potentially love for us. But unfortunatelly not everybody is strong enough for fighting for it, because things never come easy, of course some people is lucky to find their loved ones in the same country, but every relationship has its owns tests.



In my personal opinion I saw how some of my friends let their loved one go just because they were expecting something easy, but good things never come easy. Hunger for today, bread for tomorrow, we make efforts today for enjoying our future its like this, not on the contrary. Unfortunately, one of my freinds thought different and she let go her loved one…

She let him go to other country without even trying a LDR. Why? I asked her many times, why dont you take risks? She just told me there was no way of overcoming a relationship like this, she deserved other thing, she was not going to wait anyone.

I advised her, I told love is about taking risks, if there is love, there are no excuses, but she didn’t care my opinion. And I felt so sad because I could not help her to open her mind, her heart…

So I am writing this personal bad experience for encouraging others to be an example for everybody, especially for your friends, if one of your them has doubts about taking risks for love (especially if it is about LDR) try to open his/her mind and his/her heart. As I wish I could have done with my (now) ex-friend.