Yasmeen & Regina

Today we gave this space to Yasmeen to tell us her beautiful LDR Story!

Hi guys! My name is Yasmeen and I am from Guyana. I met Regina (from Germany) on November 11th, 2015 on tumblr. To be honest, I have no idea what I was doing up at that time haha but I was, and she had this post up in this lesbian group and I guess fate did it’s job. I was randomly scrolling and then I saw her picture. I swear it was like my heart stopped and like this voice in my head just screamed “MINE MINE MINE” and I frantically tried to see where to go to contact her ( I haven’t the slightest clue of how to operate tumblr btw) and somehowww I got and we started talking everyday since then. We actually just fell in love, we started saying “I love yous ” and everything …before even making our relationship official.

LDR meeting in Germany

Not until February, I realised…nobody asked anybody to be together so then I asked her AND SHE SAID NO, how sad haha we decided to wait until we met (we both had dreams of going to America to study) turns out it didn’t work out for either of us. But eventually, the love won 😍 and she asked me to be her girlfriend and I said YES!😍😍

Since we really can’t remember when that was, we said we would have two anniversaries- when we first started talking – 11.11.2015 and Feb 3rd, 2017

She came to Guyana to see me 😊 on our anniversary ( Feb 3rd) it was the besssssst time ever Soooo I want to go see her in December for Christmas or if not before, very soon after Christmas and stay until February because that is when my uni reopends.

Unfortunately, flight costs are expensive, so nowadays I am collecting money for visiting her. If you wanna help me, contact me through this blog, thank you!



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