LDR Playlist

When you and your loved one speaks different languages everything gets difficult. I bet lots of LDR couples are in this situation. This is the case of my boyfriend and I, he speaks turkish and I speak spanish. Our common language is english so we do what we can for understanding… Sometimes he recommends me songs in his mother tongue but I don’t understand and get frustrated, the same happens to him, I recommend him spanish songs but he doesn’t understand. Someday we will…

Meanwhile, we focus in our common language: English! So a time ago I started to search LDR songs in english in order to listen the same songs, but I found some trouble in finding, so I want everybody to help me to create this playlist, because LDR community deserves it.

-even if there is an ocean keeping your heart from mine that doesn't mean i'm not thinking about you all the time.-.png

Right now I am sharing the LDR Playlist I created, I will be waiting suggestions in order to add more songs!

Thanks everybody!





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