Aubrey & Max

After a while we came back with LDR stories! We love reading and writing LDR stories, we wanna inspire people and tell everybody YES it is possible! In this occasion we will tell Aubrey & Max love story.

It all began in last summer. One day (July 20), Aubrey (21 years old, Canada) was listening to music on her laptop while she was scrolling through Instagram on her phone. At one point, her laptop showed a pop-up screen saying that there was an error and the next thing she knew, she couldn’t hear her song. There was just no sound, no matter what song she clicked on. So she restarted her laptop twice while posting about her laptop crisis on Instagram.

She never imagined in that exact moment she was going to meet her soulmate. Love is like this, it surprise us when we aren’t waiting.

Aubrey Max

A minute later, she got a notification that said: “Max commented: ‘Maybe I can help?’ She thought, ‘oh cool, one of my new followers wanna help me’. And after 5 minutes of browsing through her laptop to see what might have gone wrong, it turned out that she only had to restart her laptop again.

Then shortly after, she realised that Max (20 years old, Netherlands) sent her a direct message on Instagram. That was their first conversation, and from that day on, they talk everyday. One week later the first chat, they were together and started dating.

Fast forward to today, it’s been almost 9 months of the relationship between Aubrey and Max. In words of Aubrey: “our connection and bond with each other is so strong, we plan to meet this summer! We’ve been communicating through Snapchat video calls and messages. I can’t wait to see him! ❤️

They will meet in three months: July 2017, so we wish them the best and and of course we will be waiting an update of this beautiful LDR Story!!

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13 thoughts on “Aubrey & Max

  1. I’m also in an LDR for just over a year now! I just love reading other’s love stories and sharing mine! Please check out my blog, it’s exclusively about our relationship 😊


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