Easter in your LDR

Several parts of the world today cellebrate Easter and it is not just a day for eating chocolate. Far from this, Easter is a day in which Christian people cellebrate the resurrection of Jesus. If you are Christian you will probably understand what I am talking about but if no I can tell you this day is important for thinking in our lives, being grateful, possitive and think life is one so if we are doing something wrong, we have the opportunity of arranging, never it is too late for starting something new, forgiving someone.

Sometimes is necessary changing the point of view, so talking about your LDR I wanna invite you to think deeply about what do you think you did wrong? What would you do different? And what do you think is working in your LDR?  This is an interesting exercise for doing with your loved one, talk with him/her about this, discuss this questions and more and let me know what was the result!


I can tell you when I did this exercise with my bf the result was powerful. We concluded that we were wasting time with unnecesary things sometimes stupid things and we realized we needed more quality time and we were near of being in routine, so we changed our mindset and started to surprise each other more and have more quality time.

Today is an ideal day for starting to be productive and possitive in your LDR so keep what it works, remove what isn’t worth it. Life is one yes but we are always in time for changing what is being harmful and keeping what it makes us brighter.

Happy Easter!


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