10 reasons for being proud of your LDR

I saw several posts about LDR, I talked with several people about the importance of being in a LDR and I’m convinced it is something we are blessed with, something we need to see as a strength not as a weakness. It took me around 2 years understanding this, I had moments where I felt it as something for being ashamed. Now that I understood it’s a blessing I wanna share with all people in LDR why they should feel proud of it…

10 reasons for being proud of your LDR.png

  1. We are in a society of fast things, seems everything should be like this such as fast food, fast learning, fast relationships, people tend to want less commitment, we see this in every aspect not just in relationships, we see how people prefers buying food rather than cooking and so on but if you are in a ldr you understand perfectly what is waiting and building slowly and day by day a relationship.
  2. For the things told above you and your partner are extremely committed with each other and with closing the distance.
  3. Contrary to what the environment can think, a huge control of emotions and maturity is required for having and surviving in a ldr. 
  4. Clear objectives, lot of ppl of your same age have no idea about what to do…
  5. Ability to value every little thing, not just of your couple, also from your environment.
  6. In case you didn’t consider creative before being in a ldr you will learn to be creative, maybe if you were in a sdr u dont care special dates monthsary, gifts…
  7. You understand actions value more than words, it isn’t about telling it is about demonstrating every day.
  8. Being so far physically from your loved one will make your spirituality grow and falling in love with a soul is much better than falling in love with a body. For that reason the relationship will have a very strong basis.
  9. You learn to save money for a specific proposit, meeting your loved one! This behaviour will last forever, maybe before being in a ldr you didn`t care saving money but now you will care it a lot.
  10. You are more than lucky, more than 7.000 million people in this world and you found your loved one.



I hope you liked this article, I would love to hear from you and your opinion about what is the best of being in a LDR, let’s be possitive! 



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