One of the Missions of People in LDR

Have you ever asked why do you have a LDR? Why your loved one lives so far away from you? Why you can only see your loved one just a couple of times per year?

Maybe is not so common asking yourself this kind of things. But I do, and sometimes I feel weird for that. I find myself thinking about the fact of being in a LDR and why me and no my friends for example.

After carefully analysing I found an answer…

Weeks ago I read online an article about finding the correct person, your soul mate, it was telling in some place of the world exist someone ideal for us, someone that has potentially love for us. But unfortunatelly not everybody is strong enough for fighting for it, because things never come easy, of course some people is lucky to find their loved ones in the same country, but every relationship has its owns tests.



In my personal opinion I saw how some of my friends let their loved one go just because they were expecting something easy, but good things never come easy. Hunger for today, bread for tomorrow, we make efforts today for enjoying our future its like this, not on the contrary. Unfortunately, one of my freinds thought different and she let go her loved one…

She let him go to other country without even trying a LDR. Why? I asked her many times, why dont you take risks? She just told me there was no way of overcoming a relationship like this, she deserved other thing, she was not going to wait anyone.

I advised her, I told love is about taking risks, if there is love, there are no excuses, but she didn’t care my opinion. And I felt so sad because I could not help her to open her mind, her heart…

So I am writing this personal bad experience for encouraging others to be an example for everybody, especially for your friends, if one of your them has doubts about taking risks for love (especially if it is about LDR) try to open his/her mind and his/her heart. As I wish I could have done with my (now) ex-friend.




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