Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today 14th February is Valentine’s Day, the day most of couples celebrate love, the fact of being happy and together, the fact of overcoming problems together. So, as all the couples, we deserve to celebrate it…

As I wrote in my previous post, Valentine’s Day Ideas for LDR Couples there are thousands of things you can do for surprising your loved one. But the idea with this post is remarking why we do deserve to celebrate Valentine’s Day…

If you are reading this, probably is because you are or you have been in a LDR, so you will understand how difficult it is to maintain a LDR, how difficult it is to be positive, strong and patient. And we have to listen many things of our friends and relatives, people commenting things like “why did you chose to have a LDR?” “why don’t you find a gf/bf in your city?” and so on… It seems is not enough to struggle with distance that we have to struggle with our environment that sometimes seems to be our enemy.

So we are extremely aware of the love we are feeling for our bf/gf every day of our lives. We are aware of the risks we need to take for being successful in our relationship, we are aware of the importance of feeding the love because we need to be creative and pay attention to every small detail.


We are extremely strong, we are intense, we are warriors, we value every little thing, we love till last consequences, we give importance to the important things, we listen carefully and support our loved one, we are sure we found our soul mate, we know he or she is our one and only and we know we will win the battle against distance and be with our loved one forever.

For this reasons and much more we do deserve to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s to everybody!






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