Valentine’s Day Ideas for LDR Couples

Although this year I have the luck to spend Valentine’s Day with my loved one, I know how it feels to spend this special day without hugging or kissing your loved one. I know lot of people this year will spend 14th February miles away from his or her loved one, so this post is for cheering up all of this couples!

It feels pretty strange watching how your friends or relatives celebrate with their loved ones and you, well, you just watch all the situation as a simple spectator. Like they are the main characters of the film and you and your loved one simple actors/actress, I have been feeling like this before but then I realized I was with the wrong attitude. Distance won’t prevent us to have a great Valentine’s Day!


Valentine's gift ideas for LDR Couples!.png

God bless Skype, Whatsapp and all of the applications that allow us chatting and video chatting. But is not just about this, for one day of the year we have the perfect excuse for being more romantic, expressing our feelings deeper and preparing something special for our loved one. The aim is to feel and make our love feel closer, forgetting the distance, at least for some hours.

In five days will be Valentine’s Day so if you didn’t think in something special, it is time to start thinking about it. I was researching online and I found this great post with gift ideas

As a personal experience I can tell you one year I surprised my baby buying the ticket for visiting him, it was a HUGE surprise, we were so happy, and we had an unforgettable Valentine’s Day! Maybe you are thinking in buying ticket in this month, maybe it is a good moment, you know how special is the moment of buying ticket!

But who told you need to spend money for preparing a great surprise? You just need to be creative, and I am convinced you are!

You can make a video, sing a song, play an instrument, draw or paint something… If you aren’t good at this things and you don’t have idea what to do, well let me recommend you a web there you will be able to send a virtual gift to your loved one, you have different categories such as food and drinks, famous people, holidays and more. It is a good way to showing him or her how much you care!

For Valentine’s I would love posting about Valentine’s 2017 gifts, so when you receive your gift I would love to hearing from you!





4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Ideas for LDR Couples

  1. I got my valentines gift last week already cause I needed it for college 😀 it’s WAY too much but I love it! 😀 my husband bought me a surface pro 🙂 this will be our first valentines on the same continent – the past years he always send me flowers


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