He is in the airplane coming to me now!

187 days without hugging you, 4.488 hours without looking to your eyes and listening your voice in real time, you can’t imagine how much I have been missing you this months… It is our record, more than six months without seeing each other, and this time has been really really really difficult because someone really important for our relationship passed away, someone who loved us, the first person in supporting our relationship and you weren’t here for hugging and supporting me and it was terrible…

Now we have an angel proud of our love in the sky, he is taking care of us and doing as much as possible for reuniting us, I am sure about it, I feel it!! And instead of being sad or disappointed I chose to write, as a way of expressing my feelings.  After 187 days, I see light, because I know our record, this time will be 187 days. Right now, you are in the air, flying, crossing the Ocean for coming to me, I guess you, as me, can’t sleep because anxiety is killing you, but being anxious in this occasion is good! Tomorrow, day 188, I will meet you in my hometown airport again and we will spend one month together, we are blessed for that!

We will be together in our birthdays (we are so lucky both birthdays are in February!) and we will celebrate Valentine’s I can`t be happier. When you can’t find a word to describe a feeling because it is extremely amazing, well I am feeling like this…suupeer happy and anxious I think I won’t be able to sleep tonight, I will be reminding one and thousand times our times together, our meetings in airport, our hugs and kisses!

And right now I am so anxious that I wanted to write about it so everybody starts to know us a little more… Because we are just starting with the blog and most of the posts are general, but this time I wanted to write something personal because I am sure lot of people understands us!

And I would like to receive comments  from people in LDR about this moment: how they feel when his/her love is in the flight and they know in some hours they will meet, so if you felt identified with the post I would love hearing from you!



4 thoughts on “He is in the airplane coming to me now!

  1. Love, love love it. My long-distance fiancee will arrive to visit me in exactly 4 days after spending 8 months apart (our record, is was horrible). These posts almost make me want to cry because of how much I can relate to the situation 🙂


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