Big LDR meeting in 11 months!

Here we come with other long distance relationship story  it is good receiving different kind of stories, each one gives us life lessons and inspiration to our long distance relationship community.

Today we will tell Vanessa’s story. She is  17 years old, from Germany and her boyfriend is 20, from the USA. There are 7700 km/4785 miles between them. They met because he found her page on Instagram and she had her snapchat username in her bio back then, so he added her and they started texting a bit and it ended up being a 24/7 texting. In words of Vanessa: “I felt like I would have known him my entire life. We had same interests and understood each other pretty good. I fell in love with his voice immediately, feels like a medicine for my ears!”

Soon they started using other apps to communicate and were able to talk over the phone for free. Time passed and they  got closer and got to know more and more about each other and fell in love. So on 4th of December of 2015 they  were oficially a LDR couple. 😊

Their days consisted in spending hours and hours on the phone and there were a lot of times one of them fell asleep on the phone.There have been some ups and downs at first, everyone in a LDR can agree that not everything is always easy. But they got stronger together and truly believe they can made this work. Unfortunately they haven’t met yet due to the flight prices are not the cheapest☹ But Vanessa will spend a week on next Christmas with him and his family and she is so anxious! 😍😍😍 Although it’s going to take a while and they’ll have to wait for almost another year, the wait will be really worth it!

We talked with Vanessa about her feelings and she shared with us this beautiful words:

“There are some moments when people ask ‘why don’t you search for someone that is you know closer’, but I know that he is everything I want and will ever want and no distance is going to change the fact that I’m deeply in love with him. I might be still young but I never felt more sure about something than about this! Before I got to know him I felt broke, my life wasn’t one of the bests because of some things that happened and so wasn’t his. That’s why we feel this close although there are thousand miles in between, because we built each other back up and make each other stronger day by day. He completes me and gives me a reason to wake up every morning with a smile on my face and go to sleep at night knowing I am loved and just feeling happy. There are some sad days too when I just feel like crying bc I’m starving for a hug or kiss but I never doubt on our relationship because I don’t know what I would do without him, with his dumb jokes that let me laugh every time and his silly faces that he does that are super cute! He always lets me feel perfectly fine with me as I am and I have no doubt he is the guy I want to spend my whole life with!”


Woow, we are so excited about this story, we will follow it and after the first meeting we will probably be writing and posting a pic of them. Do you wanna see your story here? You should do as Vanessa, Dani & Meetra: life warriors and Aditi & Rajat and you can be the next LDR story!


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