S.O.S: How to Hold on my LDR?

We have been receiving several messages in our Social Media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) of people needing advices for holding on theirs long distance relationships. As we promised, here we are writing a post about it.

We know every relationship has its ups and downs but in LDR ups and downs are more frequently and for surviving it is important being strong, determinate, and faithful.

Strong because a LDR is difficult and since the moment you and your loved one decided to start a LDR you should know there will be a long and difficult path but at the end of it the reward will be the best of your life: you and your loved one together forever!

Determinate and faithful: since you start a LDR you and your loved one need to focus in meeting, spending time together, both will need to be always positive. Have you ever heard about “the law of attraction”? I think so! Maybe you don’t believe in this things or you never cared so much but believe me, it works a lot!

For example, here I will tell you a personal experience: after six months in a long distance relationship, me and my loved one were going through difficult moments, we were losing our faith, we were seeing it was impossible meeting and seeing each other for the first time, we were thinking negative.

We realized everything was about attitude, and even though we were more than 7.000 miles apart and a flight ticket between our countries was about 1.600 usd we did it, so if we could everybody can!!


The secret was the mindset, we started to focus in our meeting, to plannify it, to think in us together. We were using photoshop for having pics together LOL we started to be surrounded by positiveness and then everything started to work!

So if you didn’t meet your loved one yet, maybe it is time to think what is your and your loved one’s attitude towards the relationship and the meeting. If you can dream it, you can achieve it, nothing is impossible so stay strong, determinate and positive!






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