Aditi & Rajat

Here we are with the second long distance love story. We love every love story because there are no two stories the same: every people is different, every culture is different, so every story is unique, we love sharing all of the stories we receive. Today we are going to tell Aditi & Rajat’s love story.

Aditi lives in Mumbai, India and Rajat is from Hyderabad, India. They live in the same country but in different cities and states 380 miles separate them.  It all started on 27th, May of this year, the first time they saw each other. He was visiting a couple of his friends in Mumbai and one of them happened to be a mutual friend.

Rajat stayed to Aditi’s brother’s apartment. Meanwhile, Aditi was doing a summer internship for his brother’s company so she used to travel with him to work. So 27th morning as per routine she showed up at around 9 in the morning and Rajat was sleeping. He got up all grumpy and sat next to her, there they started talking… Aditi turned out that he was a football fan (as her) so they spoke about their favorite teams and exchanged their names.

On the next day, they exchanged numbers. Aditi team was going to play the UCL final on 28th so she needed help to arrange things. Rajat helped her so Aditi was so excited that gave him a hug. That was their first ever and the last hug for the next 4 months.

But it was not so simple as it seemed… Unfortunately Rajat had a girlfriend and he spoke about her for like 10 minutes but Aditi couldn’t care less. She started dating a colleague for a couple of weeks.

In early June Aditi and Rajat started talking on Skype, they got to know each other more and realized they had a buck load of similarities. Bonded over football, food and beer!  But in that moment both were dating someone else. They came real close in 3 months. They got used to talking day in day out. All night long. It looked like they were in love but not officially dating…

In July Aditi internship was coming to an end and the colleague she was dating was pretty cold. So she spoke to Rajat about this one night and later he got drunk and ask her to break up. And she did it.  On 17th August, 2016 they started talking about the possibility of getting together. They had two roadblocks ahead. Major roadblocks. One his girlfriend and second the distance. Crossing the first block was tough but not that hard but the second one. God! But it was all worth it. When two people are really in love even 1km can feel too far and they were 707kms far away. But they fought the distance. And still are.

The first meeting after getting together was Aditi’s birthday in September. Rajat visited her. Then she gave him a surprise visiting him the next month. They also had a trip to a third state in November. Now Aditi is studying in Pune and the best part is Rajat is moving there in 30th December (in 2 days).



In words of Aditi:

“He’s my sunshine. Its been a little more than 4 months but it feels like forever. Like I was meant to find him. We were meant to find each other, fall in love, and prove the world is wrong. We’ve had our fights, our hard times but we fought against all the odds together and went to bed with nothing but love and affection for each other in our hearts. He’s literally the best thing that has happened to me since a very long time.

Everything about him is beautiful. His eyes, they’re my favorite thing about him. They can make the world a brighter place. His smile is the prettiest I’ve ever seen. When he sings for me, damn the world does stop and we calls my name its like the most amazing melody my ears have ever heard. I love him to the moon and back.”

We are so glad they closed the distance, congratulations!






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