How to survive Christmas without your loved one

Well, if you are in a LDR, and at least one of both belongs to a country of occidental culture you probably you have lived this at least one time, it comes December and you start to breathe the famous Christmas spirit: in the streets, in the homes, it is everywhere. Everybody has it, but you, well you have it but different because you are aware of the fact that your loved one is miles away from you and in this special occasion he or she will be away.

But not everything is so bad because with good vibes and some creativity, you can share the Christmas spirit with your loved one and forget, for some mooments, the miles that sepparate both.

Here some ideas for sharing christmas with your long distance relationship love:

  1. Prepare a gift for your love and take it to your Christmas tree. It is important preparing a gift, not buying one because doing something by yourself will give more value to the gift. When its midnight in your timezone you can send a pic of the gift (hidden in a box or something) I recommend you to keep the surprise till the next time you meet your loved one.
  2. At midnight, text or call him/her or if you are in a party or a place with loud music prepare a video before and send him/her in midnight!
  3. At toasting time, make a wish about your relationship.
  4. Bake Christmas cookies with something important for both: it can be a nickname, a special drawing or whatever you want. If you don´t like cooking and you are good at web design you can design a Christmas card so he/she feels special.

And as a personal advice I can tell you enjoy this Christmas, value every person who is near you, enjoy your family and friends. Don´t feel sad because your loved one is far away, think that distance is just a moment in the relationship and soon you and your loved one will spend it together for the rest of thier lives!




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