Dani & Meetra: life warriors

Here our first LDR story. Dani & Meetra not just a love story, they are an example of personal growth and strenght in life . Surely we need more people like them in this world. Today we are so glad to share their love story to inspire others.

Meetra (Wisconsin, USA, 26) and Dani (Sao Benito do Sul, Brazil, 30) sepparated for more than  5.400 miles met on Instagram while Meetra was searching for ideas to enhance her fitness while living with a disability. There she came across Dani’s picture where he was doing the plank. She took the chance and commented on a random fellow spina bifida individuals plank photo even though she knew how to do the plank for the most part.

Dani responded and they started talking more on Instagram messages and then they added each other on the other sites like FB,Skype and WhatsApp. They started a long distance relationship and spoke for 6 months without meeting. Fortunately after 6 months Dani visited Meetra in Wisconsin so they  could meet for the first time.

In words of Meetra: “It was the most amazing 10 days of both of our lives. From the moment I picked him up at the airport, I knew we shared a special bond and that I had found my special someone. I had not only found my best friend,but my partner in crime, my first love and my one and only. We had our second visit last November where he stayed for a month and proposed.”


Wow, amazing, right? We talked with Meetra and she told us they have plans of closing the distance for the next year. We are glad of listening this. We wish them happiness!

If you know someone who is in a LDR or you are in one and you wanna tell us your story, contact us, we will be glad to write more long distance relationship stories!


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