Success formula for having a long distance relationship

Having and mantaining a long distance relationship is not for everybody. Probably you have listened this before. Not a cliche, it is the truth. Is not about having special powers for surviving a LDR, but something like this.

I started to be interested in researching which things make a long distance relationship successful and after meeting several couples online I concluded that the ingredients for being successful in a LDR are:

  1. It is true love. If love is true, then everything will be possible even standing and surviving the distance.
  2. For surviving in a LDR the people need a good self esteem and trust in the other. Trust is the motor for every relationship but it is even more important in long distance relationships, so it will be the key of success.
  3. The attitude is everything. Because for mantaining a relationship with someone who is miles away without knowing certainly if you will meet him/her someday or in the best of situations withouth knowing when will be the next meeting is not for every kind of people. Patience and creativity are highly needed. Patience for waiting and creativity for growing and mantaining the love.
  4. Optimism and emotional maturity are important. Self control is also needed, having mixed emotions is common so it is important being mature and know how to control them.
  5. Being a risky person, wanting to take risks for love: working more for saving money, travelling to other country alone, learning a new language, etc.


Of this five ingredients I consider the most important is the number one: true love because of this depends the rest. Attitude, trust and courage come if it is true love. This happens in all of the relationships, not just in LDR. What is different in a LDR is that more trust, courage and creativity are needed. From my point of view this is the success formula for surviving in a long distance relationship.

And now I wanna listen you, what do you think of this ingredients, would you add some?




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