Need Advice in your Long Distance Relationship?

Long distance relationships are being more common as actual circunstancies are making them easier. Every time is more frequently having access to Internet, travelling and meeting people from all over the world. Love is not limited by borders anymore.

When you are new in a long distance relationship (LDR) everything is new and confusing. Probably you won’t feel confortable talking about it with your friends or relatives, probably you will find it difficult to receive advices from people you already know.

This happened to me in 2013, when I started with my long distance love, I needed advices and someone able to listen and understand me. As I didn´t find near me, I started searching on Internet and I found a web created for people who survived a long distance relaitonship. This web saved me as I found LDR advices, LDR stories, LDR quotes and LDR ideas for surviving in this kind of relationship.

I started to follow this web and I started to read other´s stories, see what kind of problems a person in a LDR faced, which kind of questions and advices they had, I felt completely identified, I realised I wasn`t alone in this adventure of having a long distance relationship. Then, after surfing the web for some time I realised we are never alone, there is always someone wanting to listen and understand us in this world!!

Now, despite I am still in a long distance relationship, my relationship achieved a high level of maturity, I am so proud of it and I want to help, listen and understand those who need help in this beautiful adventure of long distance love.





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