How we came up with the idea of a lottery for people in Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationship already existed in past, just common ones were between people who lived in the same country. Now the concept of long distance relationship (LDR) has changed, because long distance can be 10.000 miles or more!! This concept can also include intercultural and interracial couples because relationships between people from different continents and cultures is being more common than 10 years ago. Unfortunately LDRs are a topic with few research. I have been trying to find estatistics, researchs about worldwide long distance relationships but I haven´t found.

I conformed myself reading different small researchs (most of them in the USA) and after carefully reading I could conclude that:

  1. There is a change of behaviour worldwide, it is given for tecnology, specially for domestic use of Internet.
  2. Middle and high class people is moving more. Travelling to different countries and meeting people on the web is common and every time more. The concept of distance changed.
  3.   Most of people of middle and high class between 18 and 30 years old has met someone online at least one time. This group of people is more liable to make work or study travels abroad.
  4. Relationship between people living in near countries is more likely to survive. Relationships between people from countries so far is more difficult because of economical problems.

Here my conclusion: well it is true that LDR are more common now but unfortunately there are two kinds of LDR: the ones who take place in the same country and the ones who take place between people who lives in different countries. Unfortunately money is always important as it will determine how many flight tickets the couple can afford per year.

My boyfriend and me understand it because we live it every time, so we came up with the idea of creating LDR LOTTERY, so we will give an economical prize to one LDR couple per month!

This lottery will be for people in long distance relationship, not just couples, it will also be for friends or families in a long distance relationship. It will cost 1 USD monthly per one number and the winner will receive the money collected between all of the users.

Are you interested in our lottery? Nowadays we are building our web:


Contact us for more information!




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